Ohio Small Business and Restaurant Grants –

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Small Business Relief Grant (SBRG)

$125 million will be used for grants of $10,000 for eligible small businesses with no more than 25 employees. Beginning on November 2 at 10:00 AM.

The amount of grant and amount of total funds indicate 12,500 small businesses would be able to receive grants.

Eligible Businesses:

  • For-profit entities (corporation, LLC, partnership, joint venture, sole proprietor)
  • An employer firm with at least 1 and no more than 25 Ohio employees. That are paid via W2 wages as of 1/1/2020, which includes both part-time and full-time employees.
  • Physical location in Ohio and earns at least 90% of annual revenue based on activities performed in and taxable to Ohio
  • Continuous operation since January 1, 2020, except for interruptions required by COVID-19 public health orders, and has the ability to continue operations as a going concern
  • Revenue loss or unplanned costs substantially caused by COVID-19 and a grant is necessary to help recover from the impact of COVID-19
  • In good standing with the Ohio Secretary of State, the Ohio Department of Taxation, and any other governmental entity charged with regulating the business
  • If applicable, has fully utilized any other government support received (including both grants and loans) by the applicant business for business expenses incurred due to COVID-19 or that can be utilized for business expenses incurred due to COVID-19

Bar and Restaurant Assistance Fund

(Includes all on-premises liquor permit holders)

The State of Ohio has designated $37.5 million of funding to provide one-time $2,500 assistance payments to on-premises liquor permit holders to help them through the financial difficulties experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. The state suggests permit holders have not been able to fully use their liquor permit, with a resulting negative impact on their business. The program will begin accepting applications from November 2 through December 31.

The amount of grant and amount of total funds indicate 15,000 on-premises liquor permit holders would be able to receive grants.