Bridge Loans

Short-term loans for businesses awaiting long-term funding to be secured. Lending Source can arrange bridge loans for businesses awaiting their long-term funding to be approved. Your time is valuable. Lending Source will send your information to a well-established network of financial institutions, forcing them to compete for the best rate and terms available.

Bridge loans fund quickly and provide small-business owners with up to $50M in short-term financing.

  • 1-36 month term
  • 8-20% interest rate
  • 3-30 days to fund
  • Monthly, weekly, or daily payments

Several types of bridge loans are offered by traditional banks, community banks, and credit unions, with similar requirements.

  • All industries eligible for funding
  • Interest-only payments possible
  • Collateral usually required
  • Business appraisals may be required

Bridge Loans and other temporary financing facilities are attainable when you partner with Lending Source.


Is a Bridge Loan right for you?


  • Short waits for approval and funding
  • Real estate may be used as collateral
  • Provide quick, short-term infusions of cash
  • Loose credit requirements with high-value collateral
  • Establishes relationships for future long-term financing


  • Restrictions pertaining to loan usage
  • Strict, short-term repayment schedules
  • Lien searches on collateral may be required
  • Increased fees over long-term bank financing
  • Higher interest rates than with long-term funding

Startups, Acquisitions, Refinances, Credit Lines

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