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Lending Source offers a wide array of debt financing products, each of which can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

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What can debt financing do for your business’s growth?

If your company needs financing, the most convenient option is likely to be a loan from a bank or other licensed creditor. That loan is what’s known as debt financing — whether it’s a secured loan requiring the borrower to put up collateral, or an unsecured loan requiring no collateral — and you will be responsible for paying back the principal plus interest.

Secured Debt Financing

requires borrowers to put up collateral, usually with a market value at least equal to the principal amount of the loan. This is the most common form of debt financing among Lending Source’s network of finance partners, with the collateral ranging from real property and equipment to accounts receivable and other business or personal assets.

Unsecured Debt Financing

does not require borrowers to put up collateral. Many of Lending Source’s funding partners offer unsecured loans on the basis of positive cash flow, future revenue projections, and the credit scores of the business and its owner(s). Unsecured loans often require principal and interest payments to be made more frequently than secured loans.

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